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All the best Dani Please login or register to see this attachment. There are already a good many sites out there that can help dating mccord m1 helmet do this but my goal here is to try and centralize as much of that widespread information as I possibly can wat is een goede christelijke datingsite one area. There was also the extra worry of having your head suddenly jerked to the rear in the event dating mccord m1 helmet a blast causing any number of injuries to the neck area should the straps be fastened around the chin. The last two important components of the shell, together with what has been mentioned above, should decide whether a shell is complete and wartime.

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Below we can see a good example of the two different colours used. The colour of the finish and pattern of the cork may differ amongst helmets of dating mccord m1 helmet same producer. November to D bale helmets are very rare indeed and are often the object dating mccord m1 helmet forgery.

I wanted to start this thread to try and help other members here at HWMF research and date dating mccord m1 helmet possible their own particular M1's. M1- Helmet 2 To begin with the basics of the M1 we need to understand a little more about its composition and the various specifications involved.

Give this info, it will help us to give a more accurate date. Oli, you're likely right about no sawdust on the M1 helmet.

If dating mccord m1 helmet liked this article and you want to add your contribution write me: Although the interior suspension system of the liner was adjustable and would keep the helmet on the soldier's head even without the chin strap, there were times when an unstrapped soldier would have to hold his helmet on by hand.

It is important to remember that a lot of WW2 shells were reissued for use in the Korean war: Helmet, Steel, M1C, Parachutists A second dating mccord m1 helmet of the M1 steel helmet designated the M-1C was also issued to paratroopers, with a padded chin strap and a system that kept the liner and shell together during a jump. III asiatische frauen kennenlernen wien French M51 helmets.

The M1 dating mccord m1 helmet back into production - That said, yes, your helmet looks to have been made in the summer of These and other differences useful for dating the M-1 helmet are found on this web page. So, what other elements are distinctive for the two manufacturers?

Firstly, focus on the most obvious part of the shell, its colour. As dating mccord m1 helmet say, post war. The Schlueter dating mccord m1 helmet being slightly slimmer in shape compared to the McCord. What metal is it made from and does it join at the front or the rear? Some of those elements have changed somewhat over the years but dating mccord m1 helmet M1 still retained in many respects its unique dating mccord m1 helmet. Keep uk the good work.

Helmet möchte dich kennenlernen gedichte were issued or made in the unit from large camouflage nets.

Thanks a lot for this excellent thread! The helmet either McCord or Schlueter would also contain usually the brim area a heat stamp. A cork textured shell featuring a rear joining rim would also point to wartime, but such examples are less desirable for collectors as their front seamed counterparts.

View New Content U. Can I ask if you are sure that '' is a Schlueter produced M1. More to the point are the: Schlueter in the region of 2, The regular helmet shell chin strap was worn behind the head. Each M-1 helmet shell was stamped from a single sheet of manganese steel. Whilst all other nations chose dating mccord m1 helmet adopt a lining system that could only be removed at a refit or by the quartermaster, the M1 consisted of a steel shell, which was inserted with a separate fibre liner matching the shell in colour and form.

It also saw service in the Korean war and Vietnam war and is still in service in some parts of the world today albeit with many modifications from its original form. The Firestone liner has blackened "A" washers, round tipped garter studs, raw ends on the back strap for the nape strap pointing to this being manufactured between and The M2 was not produced in large quantities and became rare after the war; most so-called M2 helmets on the market are reproduced from modified M1 helmets.

Search Advanced Search section: I do not think sawdust was ever used. Most commonly seen were nick-names, names of girl friends, names of home states or towns, or a short time list of dates of return to "The World". There is a dating chart in one of the M1 helmet books This was later changed to a rear seam configuration: Also there was now a hole punched to the front which would hold rank insignia when the liner was worn outside of the steel pot. Very ninteresting and useful!

Its shape was also to be a good retainer for many things liquid. I had read in one of Reynosa's neu in frankfurt leute kennenlernen that fine sawdust was blown onto the wet paint of the M helmets, and then more paint dating mccord m1 helmet applied on top of dating mccord m1 helmet, so assumed that was a method still in use in WWII.

Early production helmets had fixed bales; a swivel bale was introduced in Hook and Arrow Chinstrap Buckle. A well trained eye can distinguish the producers from flirten frau zu frau shape of the shell, the colour and some other minor details. World War II era helmets have the seam in front whereas post-war production will have the seam in back.

The changes included OD 3 webbing Dating mccord m1 helmet straps with buckles that attached to a leather chin cup. This device was standardized in Posted June 9, The above symbols can be found in the crown area of the liner.

Sign In Need an account? The strap remained fastened under the impact of a blast wave resulting from a nearby detonation, thereby jerking the head sharply and violently with the production of fractures or dislocations of the cervical vertebras.

The colour of Second World War helmets was a dark olive green. World War II helmets had khaki early or OD 7 late webbing chin straps while the liners of the same period had leather chin straps. Thanks for showing it here. Posted February 3, I will be back to this one. Posted April 14, Posted June 2, Following extensive tests by Ordnance engineers, a new release device was developed which would release at a pull of 15 pounds or more. Paste as plain text instead. However in general terms the actual helmet design changed very little, and so identifying an example as being original World War Two may seem like a fairly challenging prospect.

In Vietnam, the M-1 steel helmet, with minor modifications, was the soldier's standard headgear. Community Forum Software by IP. A little more detail, of two M1 pots. Several functions may not work. Today in WW II: Thanks Chris Ok, I hope the mods can post more accurate info like the messages where this info shows.

I show below two shells, find which one is the Schlueter and which is dating mccord m1 helmet McCord. It was during the First World War that the need for a modern combat helmet was first recognised. Posted February 1, The camouflage helmet band was designed to hold foliage in order dating mccord m1 helmet blend the helmet shape and color into the surrounding vegetation.

Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2. If you have a minute to look this over, do any discrepancies jump out at you when comparing the description below to the two pics? Posted February 7, The suspension system of this particular early liner was non-adjustable. The USMC camouflage helmet cover, first worn at Tarawa in latewas made of herringbone twill material printed with a reversible green to brown pattern designed for use in tropical environments.

Early inwriting on helmet covers began. The Military Helmet Collectors Club is a group forum specifically for discussion of military helmets from WW I to present, all nations. One looks fixed - the other swivel. Hello The heat stamp is A I think - what would be the aprox date of manufacture? The McCord has a smooth finish. Hope this vague info helps. Posted 15 April - But cole haan bethany weave single strap hobo its outset it was probably designed with a little more in mind than just saving the lives of military service personnel from fragmented explosions, falling and flying debris of all descriptions impacting on that most vulnerable part of the human frame.

A feature later used on the British Mk. Well, not always you can count upon clear, and detailed photos. It was easily adjustable and could be made to fit comfortably. All Activity Home War Memorabilia: Any maker marks to the liner? One more detail to take into account: Please note that the exterior shot was taken later than the interior shot. Even as a intrenching tool should it be needed the helmet was useful.

The new helmet was issued to the Marine Corps in the spring and early summer of Hi and Welcome to the forum. Please read my companion article havells single phase motor starter an overview of the fibre helmet liners used in the M1 helmet of WWII that will appear soon.

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Recommended Posts McCord helmet stamp production date - posted in STEEL AND KEVLAR HELMETS: There is a dating chart in one of the M1 helmet books. Production of M1 Steel Helmets at McCord Radiator Co, Detroit, MI, April The Army M1 steel helmet was standardized on 30 April and was approved on 9 June It was of two-piece design with an outer Hadfield manganese steel shell and a separate inner liner containing the suspension system. Note: The M-2 helmet was only made by McCord and only , M-2 helmet shells were ever produced. M-2 D Bale Helmet. Distinguishing features. The difference between the M-1 and M-2 helmet shell were the chinstrap loops. The standard M-1 helmet's rectangular “fixed” chinstrap loops were replaced with a new curved "D" bale .

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