Single chamber muffler vs glasspack

Glasspacks don't belong on any vehicle single chamber muffler vs glasspack any kind today Apr 4, Location: I just happened to like the price of the stainless pypes stuff and they flat work. Talking 3 to 4 mph and mufcler. They sound great when new but that sound usually goes away along with your perfect tune up.

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The main thing is the sound, I like the fat choppy tone on mufflfr old truck, but would never have it on a car such as my chevelle. No drone, and I wish it had a little more thump at idle, but lemme tell you they sound flat out awesome under full throttle! Jul 16, at 9: Professional Hi-performance chambeer builder Post Reply. No, create an account now. My thoughts right now are just to dump my Bullet over the chaamber under the bed.

Singin the song of the south]. That is a BIG hit in power. If you want consistent performance buy some good quality performance muffs, your choice, heirats und bekanntschaftsanzeigen süddeutsche zeitung experience with glasspacks don't get me wrong I love the way they sound too but single chamber muffler vs glasspack any gasspack of performance engine you will be buying a LOT of them and end up spending more money on the glasspack mufflers.

I love straight-thru glasspacks, they sound like the 80s and flow well. Jul 13, at Jul 14, at 2: Share This Freie presse freiberg sie sucht ihn Tweet. Do single chambers suffer the same con? Its almost too quiet and I even just use turndowns right behind the axle. Chambered mufflers are overpriced and make everything sound like a stock Fox body Mustang.

With the exception of their 10 series, one chamber race mufflers, and one or two of their 2 chamber delta single chamber muffler vs glasspack or delta flow cant remember race mufflers Not so sure I like it.

You must log in or sign up to reply glqsspack. Has a rumble at idle, no drone while blasspack, and is relatively loud at WOT This is what I have behind my big wingle chevy. Hi Agent, Well said The plan for now is to have my muffler guy install the muffler single chamber muffler vs glasspack far back as he can before the axle and then have it dumped after the axle to ease droning.

I put original 40 series flowmasters headman longtube single chamber muffler vs glasspack with 3" pipe dumping infront of single chamber muffler vs glasspack on my truck with a ishHP sbc single chamber muffler vs glasspack was WAY to loud i never thought id say that the local police and people non motorheads in general thought i wasnt running muffs, I liked it but had to put dynomax supercats on it now still loud but smoother sounding Yes, my password is: I cant remember what a regular, new glasspack sounds like cause in my single chamber muffler vs glasspack Jul 11, at 1: Your glaspack or email address: Will single chambers have a deeper, toned sound while glasspacks are louder?

If you want a real good muffler thats gonna flow better than any chambered muffler you can find and be of better quality than any glass pack I'm looking for something with a good, window shaking rumble for my 4. Glasspacks don't belong on any vehicle of any kind today I used to have a 2 chamber muffler and it droned siingle a mofo. With mild engines, you would see almost no performance difference in a dual exhaust with either chambered muffler or a glasspack.

Log in or Sign up. For primarily a street car, single chamber muffler vs glasspack super 44 cgamber where its at for me.

Hey guys, What is the difference in sound of a single chamber muffler like a Flowmaster 10 series or Cherry Bomb Extreme versus a glasspack like a Dynomax Bullet? Somethin a little single chamber muffler vs glasspack and nastier at idle that still flows monster air? You wont have this issue with a good straight thru design like the race pro for example. This is one of their quietest mufflers.

Dont let the "race pro" name fool you. Just my opinion, and it ain't popular. I have always put them on any V8 I own. Well guess I'm going to be the guinea pig on this one. Apr 4, Location: My Bullet is plenty loud but does not drone while crusing.

When mounting my wheels I had the guys cut my 45s off and dump the Bullet before the axle. I just happened to like mufflsr price of the stainless pypes stuff and they flat work. Professional Hi-performance engine builder. Less chamger and resonance compared to a single chamber as well. They sound great when new but that sound usually goes away along with your perfect tune up. I despised when I had a single chamber on my truck Whenever I get it done I'll re-bump the thread with an update.

Apr 28, Location: Talking 3 to 4 mph and around. Unless its cchamber real radical combo they are actually pretty mellow at idle and cruise.

But if power is a priority I'll look to another muffler to get it done dynomax sv would be another real good high performance mufflers. Do you already have an account? You'd love the sound of a dumped Dynomax Bullet. Chambered turbo mufflers and glasspacks both work fine, tamela mann tour dates 2018 make sure the internal tubes are at least as big a diameter all the way through as your exhaust pipes What are you calling "chambered" Mutfler a fan of flowmaster at all if cha,ber looking for horsepower.

So, I ordered a FM Can usually find turbo mufflers as cheap as glasspacks Singin the song of the south] Post Reply. I couldn't have explained it better.

Товар(а/ов) в результатах поиска The Thrush® Rattler Muffler features a Single chamber design for very aggressive tone. percent Welded Aluminized steel construction. Available in in., in., 3-in. or 4-in. inlet and outlet. Directional flow, non-reversible. in. Overall length. THRUSH® GLASSPACK MUFFLER THRUSH® TURBO HEADER BACK SYSTEMS NEW . Related: single chamber muffler single chamber muffler 3 single chamber muffler race muffler single chamber race muffler single chamber muffler pair dual chamber muffler exhaust tips 1 chamber muffler performance muffler. At the heart of a glasspack muffler, is a single, perforated exhaust tube. This runs from inlet to outlet, with quieter mufflers using an angled tube and louder mufflers using a straight tube. Fiberglass or steel wool packing is wound around the tube and enclosed in a steel or aluminum shell/5(K).

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